Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 13th April

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Sagittariuses, you're very attractive so everyone will look at you today: your features will be empowered by the influence of Venus! You'll become something similar to an object of desire.

Go on, get out into the streets and eat the world up. Enjoy the single life and these good times while they last. Be the leader of your relationships and no one will resist your charms.

You'll be prone to sporadic encounters, with chances to create a long-term relationship where you both enjoy sex too much, but still work perfectly together.

On the other hand, if you're already dating it's a good day to surprise them in bed. Or maybe out of it! Passion will be intense and even hard to bear at times.



You're at a stage in your life where you progress in your career. Now more than ever, you're focused on getting the acknowledgement and money linked to a prestigious position. You've got communicative skills working in your favour.

Your environment will be very welcoming with this leap you're ready to take. You think you're perfectly capable of doing it, despite the fact that you're young or unexperienced. There's a lucky star guiding your path.

However, you'll have to give up the dead weights that could hinder your progress. Trips of business relocations away from the home are linked to the stars' current alignment.

This doesn't mean a break-up with your partner, but there'll definitely be some distance. Family and friends will also get left behind... These are tough choices you'll know how to make, as long as you listen to your heart.


Overweight, bone and teeth sensitivity... All the issues you've gotten used to in your life are signs of your PH being too high.

To fight this back, try starting up an alcaline diet. This will help your body acidity go down, to bring your health up to top levels. This diet's all about eating foods like fruit and vegetables, especially greens.

PH can also be reduced through organic make-up and, especially, not storing negative emotions within!