Horoscope For Those Born Under the Sagittarius Sign for Friday 20th April by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Friday
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Your viewpoints can be very extreme sometimes. If you don't get constant displays of love from the other person, you think they don't love you enough and that they're with you because no one's paying them attention.

Those thoughts will lead you nowhere. Especially because you're showing a complete lack of self-esteem.

You're too valuable to be loved out of pity, so get rid of those senseless ideas.

To avoid jumping between the extremes, you'll have to learn to be happy in your own skin.

The other person isn't responsible for your happiness; they're there to share and enlarge the happiness you feel on your own!

Take the initiative and give them some love. You might be surprised about the change you'll experience and how active you'll become.


You'll be asked to invest your money into a project you can't really figure out.

This comes from your friends, but even if friendship is very important for you, you're not entirely convinced.

Are you really willing to waste your money like that? It isn't especially easy for you to get it, Sagittariuses.

Sometimes you have to say no, and unfortunately the time has come for that.

You'll find that the best you can do is give valuable advice. Make them rethink their idea and you'll come to think of it then.

Regarding your personal finance, your paid job will be the main source of your income.

Even so, you'll insist on making some extra money doing some dirty work on the side. But be careful: someone will want to harm you out of jealousy.


It's Friday and we know centaurs are unstoppable. Particularly tonight! You'll get ideas for a night out everywhere.

You're pretty popular and highly regarded among your friends, and that's no surprise.

There'll be better days to bust those nasty moves you do when you dance.

Back pains will be unbearable the next morning. Keep a good memory alive by going out in moderation.

On the other hand, if you're less of a party animal and more of a philosophical soul, a walk under the stars will feed your spirituality.

And if you've got company, even better.