Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 27th April

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Even though you're the perfect match, you tend to step on each other's toes when reaching out for goals.

You both have a lot of energy to act, but you tend to criticise each other too much.

It's good that criticism is around you, but if you go too far, too much analysis could turn out paralysing.

Stars recommend you to use Venusian vibes to solve this. What does this mean? Try to be more tolerant. 

Remember that the other person wants you to be happy, but they don't know how. Don't criticise so much, and focus on solving the issue instead with the person you love.

Our single Sagittariuses will be attracted to people who argue with their ideas. What seemed attractive at the beginning has become irritating. Be careful.


It's a Friday, and here you go again spending money on fun. Especially because it's very likely to be a friend's celebration. You should expect a social event.

Saturn's influence these days will make the money you spend not as easy to get back as it used to be.

In order to have a good financial future, there's some efficient money management methods.

When you get your next salary, you can use a notebook to write down any expense you think of doing.

Besides, another efficient way to spend only what you need is to put away from the beginning the money you're planning to spend on fun.

Doing things this way, you won't be as tight at the end of the month. And you won't be invaded by a feeling of regret.


Today's a desperate call for you to get back your ability to flow through life. You feel heavy with all you've had to experience throughout the week.

This is because you assume too many responsibilities, or because your self-generated stress plays tricks on you and your mind.

The best you can do is get rid of all this seriousness. You're naturally happy-go-lucky, Sagittariuses. Go outside for a walk and look around you. Have fun!