Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 6th April
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A violent situation is about to erupt in your family. Confrontational conversations about differences in politics, religion or spirituality.

As seekers of the truth beyond, you may be surrounded by more down-to-Earth, pragmatic people. This is to make us evolve as consciousnesses.

You may be right or not, that's not important. What stars are trying to say is that respect should be the last thing to lose.

This statement can help you. Even if you don't share their point of view, understand it. In the end, perfect matches are overrated! We're all very different, but very alike as well.

It's your duty to find things in common with whoever you bump into today. Ask others openly about what they think brings them together.

You'll be surprised about the answers... They're all positive, even in those who we think are completely different to us.


A new opportunity at work related to something you're good at will come. This is good news!

Even if you don't get fully paid, it's best to have an unsteady job that makes you happy, instead of a steady but miserable position.

Jump straight in to the new challenge. Don't ignore star advice, because your sad cloud on your mind will fade away because of it.

If you're already working, find a way to bring your personal touch to work and make it more fun.

In this sense, try to promote companionship; it will feel lighter and be beneficial for everyone.


You've been sharing rooms with people who were down with a flu or a fever and now you feel sick. What did you expect?

You're perfectly aware you could have avoided it, but you preferred to stay by their side. The good side is, you'll have more antibodies next time around.

For the time being, get some rest and follow the doctor's orders.