Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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It's a good day to celebrate brotherhood. When was the last time you saw your brothers or sisters? Friday is perfect for a meet-up. Who knows, maybe you'll go clubbing together. It's always nice to have a funny story to share on Christmas.

Get together with your siblings, but also with the brothers you choose as life goes by: your friends. It's lovely to see how friendship extends over the years because of shared interests.

Meeting up frequently, texting... Those are actions that, although small, keep friendship alive. Keep them up.

Going into the street with the good vibes of brotherly love will attract luck. People who you haven't seen in a long time will join the party.


Work is running smoothly and you're just fine with it. You know your schedules, your workload, your clients; and relationships with your boss and workmates are good.

Your incoming holidays are also an essential ingredient for your constant good mood. Maybe not holidays, but days off that you deserve to enjoy. Plan a short trip somewhere near… At least you'll change your environment for a while.

Maybe you don't pay as much attention to money while floating on a cloud. Maybe you still get charged for unwanted subscriptions. Cancel all those services you're not making use of right now.

If you leave it for another day, you'll forget about it again, and you're the one who pays the bills.


Even if you feel fine with your general health, you feel you're a bit absent-minded, which may be due to the fact that you don't do things the way you should.

Have a nice healthy breakfast if you're not having it yet, sleep as many hours as you need to, and don't take your sugar intake to the extreme; your brain will be affected by it.