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Read Your Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 27th July

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It usually ends up happening to everyone at some point, Sagittarius. After such an effort to build a new persona, to bring out the most accepted Sagittarius, and after so many changes to be better, doubts kick in and you start fearing it's all been done for nothing.

Here's some star advice, Sagittariuses: try to trust others more, your loved ones; especially that person who lives with you every day and knows you so well.

If they're satisfied with your change, you're on the right track. And don't get too overwhelmed. Stay positive and keep going!




Today it's one of those days when stress and trouble directly lead you into compulsive shopping. You'll have a big shopping spree. Still, reflect on it later. Will you feel better? More satisfied?

How about tomorrow?

The problem isn't your savings' account (which still is a problem); you shop compulsively and expensively, and when you realise, depression and remorse kick in.

Change your mindset in that sense and try to hold back a little more.



Perhaps these days you've noticed that your gums bleed more than usual. That's the symptom of something that can easily be fixed with a simple treatment.

The problem of bleeding gums is that, as they are an easily solvable minor issue, they could become the beginning of a more serious illness if not taken proper care of.

Besides, at a certain age, that could turn into pyorrhea, the destruction of the gum tissues that hold the tooth. You could end up in some serious trouble, then.

Don't be alarmed for now; the first step is to clean your teeth properly at least three times a day with some medical toothpaste you can get at your local chemist's. When the bleeding stops, get an arrangement to the dentist's for a deep cleanse.