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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Friday Is Going to Be for Sagittarius

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Friday 6th July
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Controlling both your physical and verbal aggressiveness will be key to keep harmony flowing around you. This aggressiveness is just a state of altered nervousness, so today centaurs will need to empower their most peaceful, human side, and try to cool impulses down.

There may be a few times when others try to grind your gears, and many conflicting situations will test your nerves. Don't fall prey to aggravation, try to defend your reasons with dialogue and in a devious yet safe manner.

Regarding love, Sagittariuses will need to be especially cared for today, so they shouldn't think twice about asking their partner for cuddles. Careful with getting too close to special friends, because you're quite sensitive today.


You'd been planning to carry out a home makeover or some costly repairs in your car, but didn't dare to because of your fragile economy. Little by little things are getting better. You don't have to blow your chequebook, but it's time to start making some room for your needs.

Start a controlled reformation or repair plan which you can pay off in comfortable terms. Aside from solving the specific problems with your home or car, it'll be an interesting process that will awaken your inner excitement. And that's sure to affect your mood.

Be positive and enjoy the process. If you're going to pay lots of money, it makes no sense to be stressed and worried all the time. Keep calm, be patient and get excited.


Summer flairs are doing wonders on you, Sagittariuses, so you need to relax and start enjoying the weekend right now. Your family relationships will be quite important to make your body even more relaxed and to increase your wellness.

The only 'but' here will be your spine. If you notice you wake up with back pain and it's hard to get up, don't let that pain make you stuck. That would break your mind down and you'd become depressed.

Quite the contrary, get up and go. Increase your magnesium intake and do some basic stretches with soft movements on your back to start easing the pain.