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Sagittarius Astral Horoscope for Friday 23rd March by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Friday
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For a while you've felt the urge to go wild. Today you'll have that chance. It's okay if you don't have a partner, you'll get a chance everywhere you go.

You're definitely in need of someone who shakes you around in bed, the kind of sex appeal that leaves you breathless.

Theoretically, if you've got a partner things are easier... But no. It's very likely that the other person is below you on the heat level scale.

Or perhaps it's a long-time relationship, with everything this implies regarding sexual drive.

What you don't know is that your partner will work hard, because star influences are really positive for that. Stimulate that person the right way and you'll be bumping into an erupting volcano!


There's something about you that's not letting you advance at work. It was especially appealing to you to devote your time and effort to worldly issues.

If it was your choice, you'd live like ancient Greece philosophers did, by chatting cheerfully and having time off.

Since you don't really assume your position, at work you tend to annihilate yourself and show obedience.

You're afraid that your firey personality will ruin everything. Hold your head high! You'll be able to express all your thoughts through respect and politeness.

People who hire you understand that you're only human and you've got needs. But if they don't see you complaining, that's when abuse comes. 


You'll have to be very attentive to any signals from your body. Special importance will be placed on matters of the heart. Stars signal some minor issue about that...

Many times heart illnesses are overlooked until the grim ending. You need to get an intensive check-up of this muscle, especially if you're over 40.