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Read Your Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 9th March

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Impulsiveness is the source of all evils in your case. Things always go wrong when you rush them. Feeling the wings of love on your back doesn't mean you found your one true love.

Look at your partner's actions. Their opinions, how they treat others...

If you find that their behaviour dramatically changes with you, and especially if they are lovely when you're alone but really mean with everyone else... Pound the alarm, they could be showing you a mask!

It's better if you mingle with kind people, the sort of person who behaves well both with friends and strangers. That's the secret to a good relationship.


Stars will require you to use up all your resilience; that is, you should start working on your ability to move on while overcoming the obstacles and barriers that life puts on your path.

You need to consider all scenarios, especially the negative ones, to be able to deal with them. Think about the worst of all, and you'll be right.

Then, whenever an obstacle comes up, you'll be at the ready with a plan (or more than one) to face and solve the challenge without being caught off guard.

It's all about avoiding risks. You may not be able to calculate all moves and variables, but try to keep in mind as many solutions as you can.


As the weekend grows closer, you get a bit overexcited and you're making your centaur hooves move nervously with an upcoming party.

No one's saying it's bad for you to ride until your feet can't go any longer, but remember that next morning will make you pay for your actions.

Tonight you may have an accident. Don't allow yourself to ride a car with a drunk driver, it's best if you take a taxi or ask a friend to spend the night at their place.