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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Find out Your Sagittarius Horoscope for Today, 18th May
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Confusion has arrived into your heart and today you'll have to face it as bravely as you can. Your relationship and friendship stability will depend on your abilities to handle feelings and refrain your whims.

The stars predict a much awaited date with one of your closest friends, whom you've been looking at differently for quite a while.

Dear Sagittariuses, it's normal that sometimes we feel confused with people who are close on a daily basis, and perhaps a mind as abstract and prone to flying away as yours will end up creating expectations that will puzzle your feelings.

Once more, you need to try to stay within reality and avoid trespassing that border. Make your friend understand that any sort of attraction will lead you nowhere, and that staying as friends is your current absolute priority.


You're surrounding yourself with people who tempt you into taking risky business, and you can't stop thinking about that, at the risk of making rushed decisions that you'll regret later.

You need to set your feet on the ground, be aware of where you are and where you can go.

If someone fills your head with fantasies and castles on clouds, don't trust them; prove that your mind is perfectly sane and that you're a fan of constant work and effort. Stars predict that every risky decision you make today will bring you trouble in the end.

Listen to them and keep working hard so that you can ultimately reach your goals.



You need to take some time for every action and decision. Even if our daily duties make us follow a certain pace, our bodies follow different patterns and they need a break from time to time.

Physical exhaustion will be your body's norm today; the stars will bring you a really stressful and tiring situation. Be careful about that, because some situations may lead you to severe anxiety bouts, or sugar and blood pressure drops.

When the day starts, take your time to do some exercise and stretching to help your body get into action quicker and be able to bear the day.

The same thing before bed: some massage and stretching, with some physical activity, will help you sleep and rest better.