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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Sagittarius Prediction for this Coming Friday 25th May

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Today you'll get into a bit of trouble because of your goodwill. Sagittariuses, the problem is that you think everyone is as honest as you, and actually telling little secrets all around is a social suicide, because news spread like wildfire.

You need to be more protective with your intimacy, keep things to yourself and share them only with the people who have proven to be trustworthy.

Besides, it's very usual that a secret told by word of mouth and shared by many people will end up twisted and lose its real meaning.

This is what can get you into trouble, because the secret you shared could get twisted and upset other people. So now you know, be careful.



Exams are coming up and you haven't touched the books, Sagittariuses. What are you waiting for? Do you expect knowledge to fall on you on the day of the exam? You can't make the same mistakes over and over, so start studying already!

Although you were born with the talent for knowledge, a carefree soul like yours suffers when it's time to hit the books. Even more so now, when it's time to stay in the library studying while people enjoy the nice sunny weather.

Try to look beyond this. Studying is the path you took, and if you're still convinced, you need to get serious and push it to get it done.

Organise yourself better and try to make a well-structured calendar to schedule your studying better. If you do it right, there's no doubt you'll ace your exams.


Enough with the restaurants and junk food. We all know that in this busy world eating properly is a luxury, because we never have time to cook.

But it's also very true that fast food or bar meals, if turned into a routine, end up affecting our body negatively.

Today it's time to eat well. Cooking can be really fun, and finding half an hour or an hour a day to cook something healthy shouldn't be a nuisance for you.

So now you know, get your apron on, and start caring for your body. And careful with salt! You've been going too far lately and that's really bad for your heart.