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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Friday 4th May

Full Prediction for Today, Friday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



It's the weekend but it feels like a Monday.

In fact, it's been long since you left aside that overwhelming personality which makes you be yourself at every minute. You're not as energetic or generous, and what's worse, you've brought to life the nasty, bitter side of yourself.

You may not have felt it up to now, but today something will make you realise you need to try hard to get back the positivity every day.

If you're in a relationship, you may feel they're more distant, and that's clearly linked to your attitude. So prove them you're true Sagittariuses and bring out your liveliest side, seize the day and find a new experience to prove that you're there through thick and thin.

If you're single, today's your Friday all the way: go out there fearlessly and your energy will shine through to make you kings and queens of the night.


Seize the day already. Don't go crazy, but doing exactly what you want for just one day is not bad, and it helps to get negativity off your body and mind.

At the same time, remember that money isn't everything in life, and that the things you can't actually touch can make you really happy. Especially today.

At work you'll get some good news that will make your day, and you'll feel more confident about your finances, as if everything was where it should be.


The cutest thing about you is that you never forget to care for others. During today you'll have to set it into practice, and even if you go through a problem or two, it will all end well. And you'll feel satisfied.

If things get worse, remember you're no doctor. So go ahead and visit an expert who can help that person better than you can. It's enough if you give an initial treatment, assess the situation and stay there for your loved one.

And remember, don't forget to care for yourself as well.