Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Sagittarius Future from the Stars for this Coming Monday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Monday 30th April
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Although you'd had your warning a few days ago, jealousy-related issues have not only not gone down, but have grown even larger.

You're the sole responsible of this situation. You didn't set boundaries when you had to and you didn't know how to talk about it with your partner.

Also, even if you think you're the victim here, you'll see there's been little things that may have caused confusion to arise. Be honest to yourself and to your partner.

Today, stars will give you one more chance to start over. Careful with nasty tricks which social networks may play on you; cut off any flirting with strangers, and rebuild your relationship on foundations of trust.


Have you ever heard about 'trading' or stock investments? It's a very rewarding business at which more and more people are winning... and losing.

As with everything else, the key is to be cautious and calculating. First, be aware that the planets' arrangement will give you a good day to take a risky investment into action.

Second, you need to repress your wild side. You know you can be very impulsive, and even if it's your lucky day, something like a long-term investment needs to be well thought of.

You'll probably be the target of a stock-related sales offer. Don't flat out reject it, but think about the pros and cons. Give yourself a few days to analyse the offer, make sure the company's trustworthy, and once you're sure, go for it.


Some stressing situations will kill your nerves today. Sometimes you're overwhelmed: even if you try to control things, everything piles up and you lose your temper.

Try to see everything under a relative perspective. Use your philosophical side and try to see everything from afar, which problems are really serious, and which are worrying you more than they actually should.

Try to eat natural products which make you calmer, and avoid what keeps making you nervous. If you need it, stop for a while, go outside, get some fresh air, and back to work. Don't let it affect your health.