Sagittarius Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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Fate will hit you hard and shatter the ground under your feet with an unexpected break-up. You thought your love was perfect, but it wasn't.

The other person has been preparing for this and all they had to do was say it out loud. Maybe you ignored the evidence. You couldn't do much more, you love the other person dearly. Don't blame yourself.

That person wasn't made for you, that's all. Your time together is now over. Now you need to come to terms with being single over again.

Fortune will bring someone else who'll make you truly happy after you heal your wounds. They will be younger than your current partner and will give you a fresh perspective on life.


You'll get good news at work. Your boss or a manager will tell you about a promotion or a raise.

However, it's a long-term promise. That's the catch. Other things need to happen first before you get what you really want.

Don't lose hope, stars assure it will come sooner or later, no doubt about it. At least you can clear the doubts off your mind. Meanwhile, don't forget: work for it.

If you're out of work, you may be called in for an interview, but your hiring is still uncertain.


Stop pretending you're okay. At some point depression has won this battle. Accept it, you're not at your best.

Don't take medication to change this under any circumstance. This situation requires you to work from the inside. Give yourself time to find out why you're feeling that way. Talking to your friends and loved ones will help you greatly.

You won't feel like caring for your health but you need to at least try. Little acts of self-love will increase your passion for life.