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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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You've been blessed by Jupiter, the planet of expansion in all aspects of human life. Money, health, love... However, sometimes you need to stay in the shade.

As far as love is concerned, you're going through a time where you don't feel good with anyone. Either they are very emotionally demanding, or you notice you don't feel even half of what the other person is feeling for you.

Those much needed butterflies in the belly to know you've found the one seem to be flying around somewhere else.

Forcing things is never good in the end. Going from one flower to another is an option which looks entertaining.

But stars don't want you to do that. You'd be getting poisoned by the vibes of too many people. But hey, ultimately it's your choice.


Coming late to work every day can be seen negatively by your workmates and boss. You do understand their position, don't you? Rules are there to follow them, even if sometimes you think you're above everything. Do you really want the job?

In the same way, if your main source of money starts to crumble, it isn't the time to put off starting the race. Procrastinating could be a sign of you taking the wrong path.

Ask yourself how you'd feel about setting your efforts towards a goal that really motivates you. You'd do things almost automatically, wouldn't you?


You hate getting up early, just like the rest of us. Good habits imply taking sacrifices that not many people are ready to accept, even if this will bring them wellness.

As truth-seeking Sagittariuses, now's the time to change. The perfect time to wake up is between 5 and 7 in the morning, and it should be mentioned that it's also the best time to prevent constipation.

When you get up, have two cups of warm water with some lemon to start activating your body.

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