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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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Your needs and those of your partner clash when you're in bed. Sex is a crucial component of your relationship, so it's okay to be more worried than usual when these issues come up. You can even get anxious about it.

Aside from having a conversation about your sex routines, where you both present your points of view and preferences, as a form of therapy, it would be really interesting to switch control between one another on a daily basis.

On the other hand, today's a great day to give yourselves to others fully, without the fear of getting hurt. It can feel quite rewarding.



When it's about money, sometimes you can get so unbearably greedy. Today you should try to fix that, Sagittariuses. You're not struggling so much with money that you can't buy a good friend a drink, or get a gift for your partner.

Regarding work you'll see things are pretty much fine, which won't stop you from staying focused and giving your best. Try to find new ways to get the job done, and perhaps you'll see even better results.

If you have a shared business with a partner, it's time to talk things over and put the cards upon the table. Work inertia can put important, urgent conversations on hold.


Today there's two main problems with your body. They aren't really serious but you should consider them.

One of them, your eyes. You'll feel a minor burn, probably because of an infection given by your computer or a lack of sleep. For now, you'll be okay with some rosemary tea.

You may also feel some pain in your throat, which is likely to have come from a minor cold that made your throat sore. Gargle with the rosemary tea, which will also kill bacteria off.