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Sagittarius Astral Horoscope for Monday 11th June by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
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It's a very important day for Sagittariuses to keep growing emotionally. You need to use these ups-and-downs to strengthen psychological work.

The stars warn there's a perfect situation for you to open up your soul, heart and mind to others, and to dare to experience life without the fear of going wrong. You're at your best time to answer all the questions you've got.

These will be special days for you, Sagittariuses. Unlock your emotions, shatter the walls that stop you from being you, live every experience to the fullest, love others and tell them. You'll feel fulfilled and full to the brim with energy.




Being so obsessed about work is definitely killing off your native Sagittarian side, and it's making you grey, foul-mooded and dissatisfied. You even look older!

What are you waiting for to lead your life? It's not about going to the office and telling your boss that you're done. Keeping your job at this point is essential. But you must find time to do what you like.

Only by going back to doing the things that make you happy, satisfied about yourself and proud to be who you are, will you be able to bring back your original essence.


Throughout today, you may feel something's wrong within your mouth, related perhaps to a cavity, a wisdom tooth or gum sensitivity. The stars perceive there's trouble brewing for your dental health.

This may not even manifest itself through pain, but it's still very much obvious you've neglected your dental health lately.

Going to the dentist is expensive, we know that, and it's usually very painful, so it's not the ideal place to go. But the Magic Horoscope's recommendation is to visit your dentist right now to get rid of all those ongoing issues.