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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th June

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When it comes to friendship, your best asset is honesty. After some trouble with your friends, it's time to think, take a breath and face some serious conversations to make things clear. You'll have to go through this tough challenge today.

It'll be tough but helpful. Breaking with that anger and blockage between you has been an important step, and being humble while leaving pride aside is essential to break the ice. But don't put off this necessary conversation if you want to solve everything.

If you don't start talking and sharing what annoys you from one another and what should change, you're doomed to being angry again sooner than later.



If you're thinking about something similar to a home makeover, be very careful today, because some things can become quite expensive.

Generally, it's a good time to do a makeover or purchase a car or something of the like, but today there are predictions of a bigger expense than expected, so it's quite advisable to refrain from certain expenses.

If you're taking on that makeover or purchase, don't jump straight in. Plan things carefully so that all expenses are limited and nothing escapes your knowledge.


Today will be a long day, and the stars predict frustration and disappointment on your sex life, which shouldn't be too worrisome. Those things happen usually in steady relationships. But you'll obviously feel guilty, like you can't pleasure your partner.

Here's some advice, Sagittariuses: relax, cuddle up and rest. Sleep. Tomorrow, at a calmer pace, you'll have time to talk and realise that nor you nor your partner are to blame; the hustle and bustle of life, and the stress we experience, affect our sex drive directly.

Don't let it become a serious issue, because if communication dies, things will go worse. Talk about it and take drama off the equation. You'll find a way to solve it.