Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You'll have a jealousy pang. You see your partner hugging someone else more affectionately than usual.

It's just an old-time friend. A partner isn't the only source of satisfaction in relationships. If you believed this, you'd border on madness!

Also, you have a past as well. What if you'd been the one greeted by a friend from the past?

When you manage to understand all this, you'll feel ashamed about having doubted your partner's love.

Do something nice for your partner to make up for your mistake. They will be incredibly thankful and love you more than ever before.

If you don't have a partner, you'll feel just as jealous because a close friend hasn't been as attentive to you as they used to.


Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. You're wasting the extra energy from your drive by not using it.

Sometimes you let yourself freeze in fear of not doing things right. You've been raised to be the best in everything, and you should know nobody's perfect.

It's the thought that counts, what will build you as a person and give you character after every failure. The ability to get up to try again until you can do it.

Unemployed Sagittariuses will manage to find a job thanks to their efforts and determination.


Today is an uneventful day for your health. You're not exceptionally healthy and strong, but you can't say that your health is on the verge of breaking point either.

You should expect a call from the hospital to give you the results of the tests you'd forgotten you had gone through; everything will be fine and where it should be.

You'll have to watch your step again because you can trip over and fall in the most complicated way.