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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 5th March

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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You're going through a time of perfect harmony with your family, bound together by a solid, long-lasting bond. You could even say the blessings of the entire night sky have fallen upon you.

Going beyond material achievements, there's an ideal state of emotional satisfaction within you. It finally seems that the most refined form of love, the one without sex in the equation, is king of the scene.

Now you need to show your appreciation for this luck. Not every family is this much lucky.

You should expect a great party in a short time, where an important event will be celebrated in your family.


Currently you're a very important person in the office because everyone trusts your calm and peace, and your value system to solve issues. You've got a natural instinct to know what path to take, and everyone else relies on you when decisions need to be made.

Keep going with this supportive attitude to whoever asks you, without putting pressure on your workmates by giving unsolicited advice. The rest of your colleagues should find their own way to learn through trial and error.

Planets are signaling that there's a time for excellent wellness at work, and if you're currently unemployed, you'll soon find a job and it will be very rewarding.



If you've been going through pain or recovering from an illness, your whole family will be there for you. Your good mood and emotional wellness make you have positive concerns towards your health, which will give you constant improvement.

By fighting back some minor bad habits, doing some exercise or keeping a balanced diet, you'll remain in excellent health. Do it all from a thankful point of view.

This attitude is not only healthy, but contagious, and everyone around you will nourish from your positivity, thus creating a common sense of deep emotional wellness.

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