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Read Your Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Monday 28th May

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There's nothing more painful for a parent than seeing their children suffer. Panicking when you see your children in deep trouble is absolutely normal, Sagittariuses, but now more than ever, you should keep calm and act smart.

The best way to help them is to listen and give advice, but don't do things for them. That would only make the problem bigger when it's actually very easy to solve.

Your problem is that you think your children stopped listening, that you're invisible to them, and that's why you gave up. But you're very wrong. You still have a sense of ascendance and authority to them which becomes essential in the darkest of times.

You'll see them come to you so that you can give them some experienced advice to help them see everything more clearly.



It's always the same story: sometimes humans are this much poor. Today you'll dramatically find out about the attractiveness of money.

Someone around you will come closer with seemingly good intentions. But as you find out what they really want, you'll realise that all they're looking for is your money.

Usually, Sagittariuses, when things go wrong there's not many people around you; and when you start getting better, people whom you hadn't seen in a while start showing up.

Get rid of those beasts now and keep trustworthy, faithful people around.


Enjoying food is always a gift for your senses, but today the stars predict there may be stomach problems, so be very careful about what you eat.

Avoid at all costs having lunch out; you could fall prey to spoiled food which will give you some nasty stomach aches throughout the whole day.

Try to eat lots of greens and pulses, but try to avoid meat, fish and other similar foods as much as you can. Any meat could be poisoned.

Don't eat too much; eat healthy and drink lots of water.