Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Today everything you'd planned will not happen, because there will be new, unexpected situations that will require your full attention.

One of them will force you to make a very important decision about your friends. Something you didn't know will make you take sides between two people you love, and that can be painful.

Losing a friend always hurts, but the most painless way to solve that is to make the fairest decision.

If you end up being fair after assessing all pros and cons, you'll obviously feel sad about breaking up with a loved one, but you'll be at peace with yourself because you did what you had to do.


Sometimes your partner seems to have lost their grip on reality about your financial situation.

During today you'll be proposed to purchase something that would definitely break your budget. You need to know that giving in and buying what you don't absolutely need will bring financial issues in the future.

Try to have a chat with your partner and make them understand that having balanced bank accounts is essential to lead a peaceful life.

At the end of the day, when you're calmer, you'll do well by sitting together and having them see how your numbers are going, and what you can or can't afford.


Your immune system is deeply affected, and a sudden burst of pain will affect your bowels. As a consequence, perhaps today you'll have one or two unexpected emergencies that make you visit the bathroom often.

Sometimes those situations can be annoying, especially if they affect your work performance. That's why it's more cautious and necessary to get some medication to strengthen your intestinal health.

Also, watch what you eat today, eat something light and remember that resting is crucial for your body to get its defence barriers back.