Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Saturday 14th April

Full Prediction for Today, Saturday
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Your relationship is good, but you can't take this breaking point stage any longer. You need to repair what's been broken.

Past behaviours and attitudes both from you and your partner are still very much alive because you haven't solved them completely.

Today's a day to analyse errors and solve them. Bring topics up one by one and without complaining about unrelated issues.

You know the old adage of "You don't know what you've got until it's gone". If this is your case, open your eyes, because the stars are urging you to do so. 

A third person could bring just enough tension into the equation.

If you're single, are you giving enough energy to your friends and family? It's time to spend some quality time with these life partners.


Your finances will be steady with a tendency to minor losses. If you're working and you feel confident about your job, there's nothing to fear at all. Saturn is calmly shining upon you.

Besides, you're supposed to spend money! And whoever tries to make you change your mind will encounter serious backfiring from you. You love being generous when you can afford it.

You won't consider losses as such, as long as you invest your money into leisure and fun with others, as you will do. Money can bring you happiness when you share it.

On the other hand, people around you will also want to get you nice things completely out of the blue. That's great!


Back pains are here to stay. What can you do about it? That's one of your main pains, Sagittariuses. They keep coming back and forth through time, especially under nights with a new moon.

Under this influence, the best you can do for your back is use certain alternative therapies like osteopathy or chiropractice. Also, yoga or acupuncture will release your tension and get it off your body.

At least, until the next new moon, that is.