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Find out Your Sagittarius Horoscope for Today, 28th April
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Ideas about whether you're living enough of a free life fill your mind and don't give you any breaks.

If you're dating, your partner won't approve your meet-ups with friends. Even worse, maybe you have a friend that thinks they are entitled to controlling your life at some point.

You feel trapped. And you definitely are. That person will tell you that you can do whatever, but they'll pout when you don't say where you're going.

Set clear limits on the relationship. They need to be agreed on. In a way, this is a "contract" without being a marriage; it's about what you can expect from each other.


Pay attention, Sagittariuses, because fate's bringing you good news. You'll make lots of money. And the best thing is, it'll be by accident. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, always does these nice things for you!

It's the time to invest. Don't ignore that friend who will propose you to develop a project. You'll also have to come closer to all chances you can see by yourself.

By this point, quality information will be essential. At any upcoming doubt, it's best if you check it with someone who understands. It'll even be worth it to pay a specialist.

Following this good luck trail, unemployed Sagittariuses will be able to apply for a job thanks to the much appreciated help of an acquaintance. They will defend you and you'll end up being the chosen one.


Getting rid of mind weights will feel great! You help everyone else with their problems, but in the end, it's no good if everyone else's fine and you aren't.

Spend more time by yourself. You're wasting your physical energy. Do some high-intensity sport, you were born under one of the signs that enjoy full adrenaline bouts the most.