Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 7th April

Check Your Forecast for Today, Saturday
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Love isn't your top priority today, but you will be very excited about doing your own thing. It's Saturday and fortunately you'll have some free time for yourself.

That attitude's just fine, but the day's very long. Spend some time with your loved ones. Stars don't approve selfishness; you'll enjoy a nice time with someone special, whether it is your partner or not.

Love doesn't grow on trees. To go beyond physical attraction and experience intimate feelings, you need daily constant work.

Don't fret about it, but consider the part of "work" that corresponds to love. It's the same work you could put into a garden just for the pleasure of seeing it grow.

Single Sagittariuses need to focus on their friends once they're done with their own business.


Play the lottery! You're feeling mentally abundant today. You've been giving it your all and now fortune's coming back to you.

You're helped by your energy finally focusing towards one goal, but someone out there can be helping you too. You grow within your attitude to money.

When you talk to others, you'll be recommended options and choices. Follow your own path! At this point, your instinct rules, added to the caution of who knows how to analyse things and doesn't let go with others' opinions.

If you want to start up a business, go ahead because the credit's in. The odds are in your favour with whatever ideas you want to bring into action.



Take care of your unstoppable liveliness! You don't rest well enough to follow your dreams. This is something to admire, but you won't get far if you fret about the future.

Have some soothing tea and stop to smell the flowers. You could even do some moderate exercise, like walking outside.