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The Moon makes you emotional and you're wondering why you haven't had a relationship as magical as your first love.

After falling in love and as time goes by, we don't feel the "magic" from the first relationship in any new matches we have. Is that because we think the first love is more magical because there's no previous references to compare?

We fall into the bad habit of comparing everything we experience to previous events. And what's worse, we bring out that past into conversations with our current partner.

When experiencing our emotional past once more, we're missing the here and now. The chance of being surprised with new experiences. Getting love here and now from the other person.

The truth is, we should learn to love people without comparing them to our past.


You'll get some time off to set business in order. You've got news about how to get better chances at work or ideas on how to make more money by the hour.

Can you imagine changing your life with one single click? You've got the power as long as you keep the right intentions. 

Fortunately, you've got some supportive people backing you up. You still have new skills that have to spring out into the light. Find them, dominate them and get them at your service!



Dear Sagittarius, the effect of planet journeys will be revealed as the end of the apathy you'd been feeling.

It's a great day to get up and head into some trekking or mountain biking. You can make great use of both your energy and creativity. It's Saturday today!

Fresh air and workouts will give a lot into your physical wellness, so do as much sport as you can. Even if you need to go to work, you can always have some time off during the day to unleash your full energy.

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