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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th February

Read Your Full Horoscope for Today, Saturday 24th February
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Certain parts of your love life will be turned upside down. You've gotten really used to the presence of a certain someone, and life has decided they should no longer be around you.

Thinking back, you'll see these ends of cycles as rebirths, which not only increase your ability to resist the hard hits of life, but also help you to flow with them.

You're perfectly entitled to feeling vulnerable and doubtful… But don't let that keep you away from love!

Today stars will bring you someone who's experiencing something similar to yours. It will be the dawn of a new day and the person to fill your needs at its due time.


You've gotten involved in a difficult situation you can't get out of. You weren't expecting your workmate to feel something for you.

On the one hand, you see yourself with some power. You're certain they would do anything for you to see them under a better light. Finishing off tasks that you don't really feel like doing, for instance?

But on the other hand, don't fall prey to their game. Whatever it is that person is feeling for you, they will bring negative consequences into your life.

People with obsessive tendencies show up at work when Saturn is putting a bad influence on Venus, as it is happening now.

Today's star advice is to avoid manipulation and falling prey to seduction.

Keep working hard and a raise will come; this should be your only goal.


You're in a time when lectures on natural therapies and other related sciences are flourishing around you, and you're curious about finding new ways to improve your life.

It's great that you let go with your enthusiastic flow, but don't trust blindly everything you hear. Remember that these personal growth workshops and programs always end up being led by money.

You could do well with a spiritual retreat. You don't have to go to the Himalayan mountains to connect with your inner self; you could just organize some alone time camping in the woods.