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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 14th July

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The stars predict you'll be in perfect sync with others, both with acquaintances and strangers. Today will be a day when people will talk to you politely and respectfully, and you'll feel like home. It's one of those days when it seems like everyone, including you, has woken up on a good note.

You can use those good vibrations to socialise more, especially with strangers. That will activate your brain and you'll feel more connected to the rest of the world.

On the other hand, today you shouldn't get deep family issues sorted out. Anyone who's involved in them should take some time to seriously reflect on the situation before starting to talk.



When you go to work, remember that your potential will mainly be on intelligence, rather than strength. Anything you try to do rushing in with all your might won't give results. But if you try to solve issues using your mind, you're more likely to succeed.

Your brain's in top shape today, so use it to carry out those tasks that require some thinking.

You should also use your wits to manage your emotions at work, because things are sort of awkward, and today you've got enough skills to mediate in certain issues and help ease tensions.


Today will be quite an intense day, Sagittariuses, so you should start your day off with lots of energy. To do so, you should have a heavy breakfast with a diet based around corn, oats and wheat with some fruit on the side. That will help cleanse your stomach and give you an energy boost.

Watch out with coffee. It's always best to rest well at night, have a cup of strong coffee in the morning and another one at noon. No more than two, at least until the afternoon.

It's most important to stay mentally strong, Sagittariuses. If you wake up with a clouded mind, play some cheerful music while you shower; this will help you wake up and get excited.