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Sagittarius Astral Horoscope for Saturday 21st July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
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You're witty for many things, Sagittariuses, but you would make a horrible liar. You just can't lie, and when you try, you get caught humiliatingly easy.

Today you'll feel tempted to lie a few times, to avoid arguments, or just because you're embarrassed or afraid to say the truth. Be smart and use your wits, Sagittariuses: what's the worst that could happen if you said the truth?

It would be nothing compared to the shame of being caught lying. And that's without considering that, every time you get caught lying, trust towards you drops a little, and in the end no one will believe you.

Attention, single Sagittariuses: tonight the stars have blessed you with the power of seduction. Use it!


After the storm there's always calm. And thank goodness! After a few days of arguments on how to manage money, today will be a day of satisfaction about financial stability.

That needs to be something into which to invest good doses of optimism and relaxation. This is the time to enjoy money, which isn't easy at all: we often work to make money but can't enjoy it. Make an effort in that sense so that all your work makes sense.

If you're Sagittariuses with ongoing businesses, you need to pay more attention to your account balance. Something's off and it could turn into serious trouble. If there's partners in your business, you should set numbers straight as soon as possible.



Sagittariuses who are trying to lose weight are in luck today. It's time to look at how far you've come and you'll be fully satisfied. Remember that you don't diet and work out to please others, but to love yourselves more and feel better.

That's why feeling rewarded and in love with yourselves today is the best sign of success.

Keep going, Sagittariuses. Mental strength is your engine right now, and it's helping you progress. Keep your exercise up, and if you've managed to reach an acceptable status, focus on toning your muscles.