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Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for Saturday July 28th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Being hooked to someone you can't bring back is useless and unnecessary. You're unknowingly ruining your potential because of your addiction to a past that's nothing more than imagination. While the other person is happily taking their life back, you're living in a pit of bitterness.

If you love yourselves better, Sagittariuses, if you convince yourselves that you're wonderful and that your worth depends on no one else but yourselves, then others will see all the wonders you've got inside. Then, you'll have more than enough suitors to fill your life with happiness and new emotions.

Do new things today, break off with the past, listen to new music... Dare to live a new life.


You thought this would be a relaxing Sunday to give yourselves time to rest. No way, Sagittariuses; there's lots to do around the house and your relatives won't let you slip away.

In fact, getting active won't be that bad for you. You could turn chores into a family moment; an excuse to get closer to your kids, or socialise more with your partner.

Otherwise, you're in for a calm day to forget about your usual routine, and especially, the stress from work.


Even if the day starts off like a hurricane, intensity will go down, and at the end of the afternoon you'll catch a break to devote some time to yourselves.

Here's an advice from the Magic Horoscope to use that time wisely: prepare a bath with salts, warm water, a glass of wine and relaxing music. It's time to be alone; forget about your partner, kids and other family issues.

Tomorrow you're starting your week of with some energy that'll make you unstoppable.