Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



After spending a long time home, or breaking off a long-term relationship, you've come to forget how to treat others.

Check your social skills inventory. The rough manners you've had lately aren't being too welcome. Be careful, because that badass side is fun, but sometimes you don't use it appropriately.

In any case, you have long-time friends whom you can talk to with that explosive personality.

When meeting someone new, don't show off your wild side at the slightest chance. You'll be able to do this, but only after you've built mutual trust.


There's people who just want to see the world burn, and you'll be meeting one of them at work today. You've been putting fires off all day long.

You feel sorry for that person, they're new and they don't seem to do it on purpose, but on the other hand they don't seem too interested about not messing up, and they don't look regretful of their actions.

It's time for you to stop overlooking their work. Allowing them to keep behaving like that is something that hurts too much, when all you want is peace and tranquility.

If you're unemployed, on the other hand, watch your step and the doors upon which you're knocking. You're sending off your energy into the wrong direction. Call upon the door of jobs where you think you'll be successful, and believe in yourself.


You're very prone to buying weight loss pills. But you should question whether they are actually helping or not. The less chemicals you put into your body, the better.

Someone could be selling you weight loss pills that are nothing more than laxatives, which puts your bowel movements out of balance and makes you more likely to fall ill, among other consequences.

If you go to the gym, the same happens with food supplements. The only thing you need to gain muscle mass is protein, but you can get it naturally through food.