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Sagittarius Forecast for Saturday 19th May by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Saturday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Your former relationships still influence you greatly, and you'll come to see that in quite a sudden way today, although you could turn it into something positive.

Planets' alignment for today are sending you someone from your past whom ended up being an unpleasant, stormy relationship; something that usually happens to you.

The problem, Sagittariuses, is that you think that not seeing them and parting ways without moving on is enough to live happily. That's not how it works.

Why not admit that you had a sad ending with them, and that you need to talk to them one last time to move on?



Sagittariuses are open-minded individuals, always ready for new challenges and knowledge. Stars will bless you with the willingness to open up to a new field of expertise.

If you're Sagittariuses at university, it's a good day for you to explore new subjects which, even if they aren't related to your studies, will help you grow and expand your knowledge.

If you're Sagittariuses with steady jobs, keep training yourselves in your field, but don't close off to new knowledge. Your intellectual power is still very active, even though stress and relationships take away reading and study time.

Go back to your books and take it as an enrichment for your inner selves and an activity which will help you relax and spend time with yourself.



Your mind is so active that you keep overthinking things, and all this brain activity will take its toll. Today your head will feel the pain, and quite intensely!

Protect yourself from the sun, and cover your head well on windy days. Those are little things that could bring strong headaches throughout the day.

If it doesn't have anything to do with that, then you should consider other causes, such as a long stress period, pressure issues or perhaps even an emerging migraine. In that case, it wouldn't harm you to get a check-up and leave your doctor to make a diagnosis.

To spend your day in the calmest way possible, have some painkillers to ease the pain and try to calm down. Rest well and avoid extremely bright places.