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Magic Horoscope Brings You The Latest Sagittarius Prediction for this Coming Saturday 5th May

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Today you'll feel your emotions locked off far away, probably because of that responsibility extra load you've been carrying for too long.

Don't forget that taking on responsibilities demands to be up to par with them, and that's why you should select the tasks you can actually do. Lately you've been taking on issues that aren't your job, so be smart and try to get involved only in what you can actually manage.

Today you feel especially stiff, so probably any awkward situation will become an argument with a loved one. Try to avoid these situations. You should aim for quite the opposite: an environment where you can feel more at ease.


If you're unemployed, today a good job offer will show up, although it will definitely not be what you were expecting.

Careful! It's very likely that this new job is low-quality, perhaps with no contract, abusive conditions and only temporary. Try to assess if it's worth it to work under those conditions, even sporadically; and if you can, turn it down.

If you really are in an urgent need for money, take the job, but never forget that your personality always requires a much more creative job. Don't stop looking for that rewarding, fulfilling job.


Someone around you in a delicate situation will get bad news which will worsen their health. Be as positive and energetic as you can towards them, try to spend the longest time you can with them, and remind them that they need to fight back.

Regarding your own health, the stars warn there'll be a drop in your immune system. That will force you to stay as much alert as you can, and take all measures available to protect your body from external agents.

Avoid crowds and places where there can be bacteria, eat foods that strengthen your immune system such as garlic or lemon, follow a healthy diet and do exercise.