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Find out Your Sagittarius Horoscope for Today, 8th April
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You've got noticeable charisma; you have a lot of suitors out there, Sagittariuses! You feel satisfied but somehow you're getting tired of not having anyone around for a long time.

Be careful with too much self-confidence and don't think you can do whatever you want with people, because that'll keep you away from a steady partner. People think you're kind of crazy. Your brash attitude goes against your best interest.

Enjoy this lifestyle if that's what you want, because you won't miss out on sex and excitement. But thinking of a steady relationship, you'll have to be more thoughtful. The key is to work on virtue and your personal interests.

Sagittariuses with steady partners need to be careful with their partners' jealousy. It holds resentment that's soon to blow and hit you hard. Watch out!


You feel the fire within. Today you'll rebel against your current finances. You'll wonder why you're doing what you're doing if it isn't worth your time.

But you need that job; don't let epiphanies make you lose your grip on reality.

This is a good attitude that you need to focus and channel properly to follow the right track.

It's not enough to scream it out loud. Something you can do to know what path to take is ask these questions to yourself:

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where can you find chances? And finally, what may be hindering your path?

Life can get sorted out when we actively look for answers to the right questions.


Your body is healthy, but on the other hand, your mind seems to be going elsewhere. Some concerns paralyse you and they cause you some discomfort on the side.

Try to stay positive. Find that fire you have within. Take care of your body. Use moisturizing creams, face masks, and wear brightly coloured clothes.

Your situation is quite temporary and tomorrow will be a brand new day. Keep going!