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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for 5th August

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If you're Sagittariuses, the pain of breakup will give you a break today, and you'll be able to get some optimism back thanks to the support of your friends and family.

When you get back to your open, lonely bed you'll probably feel the clouds of bitterness loom over your head and dye everything grey, but your friends and family will be there, because there's always calm after a storm.

For Sagittariuses who are just falling in love, today will be a day full of new and anxiety-inducing doubts about whether your date is the right person for you. Only you can find out, but after so many times asking yourselves the same thing, perhaps the answer is more than clear already.


The results you'd been expecting for regarding your work or studies will come with the best of news. The change of destination you were expecting or that request for a promotion, or perhaps that important exam or much-awaited grant, will come true because the stars are in your favour.

It's up to you now to make that momentary bliss, which you obviously need to enjoy, be the main engine and continue onwards. Get on board with that new project with your best intentions.

For Sagittariuses who run a business or small company, you won't have to worry about that minor financial issue anymore.


Today physical and mental exhaustion is harder on you than ever. It's a day when you'll wake up as if you'd been badly beaten or run over by a truck the day before. If you analyse your routines of the last few days you'll realise everything comes from a lack of sleep.

Being nervous, stress at work, arguments with your partner, your speedy life, daily incidents, financial demands... It all makes an explosive cocktail that threatens your body directly.

But if you rest well enough at night, and that means sleeping for 8 hours straight minimum, your body will take on that weight much better. And your mind will be much more energetic to overcome difficulties.