Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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A false feeling of jealousy has been blocking your relationship's progress for too long; your mind's creating a state of paranoia to blame your partner of who knows what. But you know, better than anyone else, that this is unfair, and that there's no reason to be jealous.

A step back is almost never defeat, Sagittariuses; it's a chance to get a boost and go further. It's all about being fair, and if your partner's honest to you, no matter how many mistakes they make, it's unfair of you to attack them with such an issue.

Try to make things clear today, get back to your reflective side and be honest to yourselves and your partner. The path of reconcilement should be there to improve, and honesty will be key.


Your ruling planet's move warns there's an expansion coming for your business which will require an absolute mindset change. Pay attention, Sagittariuses; if you're passive, your chance could slip away.

What you need now is to create an aggressive strategy, where profit boost is the main priority, rather than the conservative tactics you'd designed to keep losses at bay up to now.

There's a perfect spot to get entries from different fields of expertise, so you need to get the right advice and to lose the fear of investing big.


To eat healthier you need to increase your iron and magnesium intake, especially the latter. That will help you feel stronger, and it will strengthen different areas of your body, like your immune system.

If you do sport, magnesium will be an essential component of your diet, because it will ease extreme exhaustion and will make it easier for your muscles to recover.

If you're Sagittarius ladies in the middle of menstruation, magnesium will also be a good energy source to ease the pain and symptoms of your period and boost your wellness.