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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd July

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This Sunday won't start like you expected it, Sagittariuses, but no one can turn it around like you. Keep your feet on the ground as firmly as your spirit animal, the centaur's horse side, and chase your spiritual ambitions without caring about anyone else.

This is about holding on and going far. Taking challenges, ignoring evil criticism, disregarding negative vibrations, not losing hope if things go wrong. And just going further, especially when fighting for your dreams. Dare to dream, Sagittariuses; trust your wits and strength.

Watch out for the other fire signs today, because you're not in the mood, and any heated argument could lead to more serious conflict. Today you should stay around the water.


Today, work and financial occupations should move to the background. Your priority is to be emotionally stable and rule over your feelings during today.

Besides, you won't have to worry much economically, the day will go by just fine.

You could use time to do some house chores as a therapy to get rid of tension and stress, and to activate your body and mind. You could also do some activities with friends to keep your mind occupied and avoid overthinking.


If you've noticed you've got problems with your bowel movements, rectum or bladder area, go to the doctor. Your ruling planet's location points out at strong pressure in these areas of your body which could lead to serious health issues. You could even have appendicitis.

If you can't feel anything there, don't worry. Your body is well all around. Even your mind is resisting admirably to this minor stress period, and it won't affect you physically at all. Stick to the good trend this month has taken.

It wouldn't be bad if you did some sport this Sunday, even if it's just half an hour.