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Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for Sunday, 10 June

Full Forecast for Today, Sunday
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Demanding care and attention is not at all humiliating, Sagittariuses, and when you need it you feel shy about asking for it because you think you're stooping low. Learn to share with your partner the need to feel cared for in such times.

Today you'll strongly feel that lack of love and attention from your other half, which is becoming a routine considering both of your lifestyles. Displays of affection have fallen behind.

Tell them clearly and fearlessly that you need to feel like kings and queens today, the world's center of attention, someone special who receives gentle strokes, and feels themselves accompanied by a loved one. To feel love, as simple as that.


Today fortune will place you in an awkward, complex and crucial situation. At a time when your accounts are still recovering, and when you're making a massive effort to save up, a friend or family will ask for money.

In this case you'll find yourself at a nerve-wracking crossroads: sticking to your expense control plan which helps you hold a line of progress in your finances, or sacrificing your planning for someone else's welfare.

There's a medium-range solution, Sagittariuses. Because your selfless personality won't let you refuse their request, help them with at least a portion of what they're asking for, and help them find resources to get the rest.


How long has it been since you last checked your hearing, Sagittariuses? It's one of the senses whose issues are the hardest to detect, because hearing loss is progressive, except for more serious cases.

Today's star advice is to analyse how your hearing skills are doing.

Sometimes other people let us know that they have to raise their voices more and more to call our attention, or that we put the TV at an increasingly high volume. They're final symptoms that we have hearing problems.

Don't worry, Sagittariuses; sometimes it's just an earwax clog that stops us from hearing well. Still, go see an expert to solve your doubts.


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