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Today you'll have to play a difficult, uncomfortable role, the one that nobody likes. But it's necessary. You need to open up to that suitor of yours and make it clear that you don't feel the same way.

First, you need to do it for them. It's not fair to keep someone's hopes up if you know that you'll never, ever feel anything nice about them (no further than friendship). In their case, their obsession about you is so big, you should even cut off any friendship ties you have.

Second, do it for you. The fact that you like feeling you're liked just means that taking this story any further is doing you more harm than good. In the end, if you don't cut it off now, things can get more confusing and troublesome.


You may feel tempted to spend your Sunday spending money from one store to another at a mall. Your horoscope prediction warns there's high money spending coming up, which you can still afford, on the other hand.

You've had our advice for days to cut back, not because you're in danger but just to keep the balance you took so long to get. Still, the good times coming for the next few weeks allow you to act on your whim a little bit.

Whatever the case, if you're spending more than you planned on a dress or a pair of shoes, don't get obsessed about being to blame. At least, get your spirits up!




The exhaustion from the entire week and your pressure from a major issue is giving you some serious headaches. During today, migraines will increase and they can make you apathetic.

So far, nervousness, pressure, stress and anxiety had shown up as chest pains and breathing problems, that is, anxiety attacks. This time you'll feel your head's about to blow up.

It's very common that headaches are related to your blood pressure. It'll most likely be pains located on your sides, near the eyes, or the middle of your forehead. It'll be best if you sleep them off, because those pains make you feel so sleepy.

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