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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th June

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Forgiveness can be quite different depending on our politics, religion, culture... But something common all around is that this is one of the hardest words to say, because it implies giving up on pride and a certain sense of confidence.

But today you won't have any other choice. Even though this seemed like a calm weekend, there'll be some situations that will force you to apologise to your loved ones. So you need to be humble.

The most important thing to remember, first of all, is that apologising isn't humiliation; you're not stooping down under anyone. You're showing your character and strength. Secondly, it's not enough to just say it; actions speak louder than words.


Remember that old saying from your grandparents, 'The happiest person is the one who needs the least, not who has the most'? There's also a harsher, rougher choice: They're so poor, they only have money.

You usually think these are loser lines, and that's not true. This weekend you've seen real happiness without spending much.

In your current situation, you should wait a little longer before you start spending. But in any case, let this weekend's lesson teach you to understand that spending money away doesn't make you happier. Quite the opposite: it's the temporary filling of a void and emptying of your wallet. When that time is over, you'll feel much more unsatisfied and poorer.


Pregnant Sagittariuses could have a rocky day today. The usual drawbacks of pregnancy will become more serious issues, and the day will end on quite a tired mood.

If you haven't lived this yet, you need to know that today's popular childbirth courses are quite useful so that the mom-to-be and baby experience pregnancy not only danger-free, but also with added quality. Try it out, you'll see very interesting things.

For this process and for the pregnancy period as a whole, it's also important that your partner backs you up, stays by your side, and learns all about those interesting things involved in being a mother and about the baby's health. Today can be a magical day for both of you.