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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Sagittarius Sign for Sunday 11th March by Magic Horoscope

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Sagittariuses, you're feeling more eccentric than usual, even for your standards. You have sort of an arrogant point of view to the world around you.

You openly express your rejection towards all conformists out there... which means everyone but you, of course!

You're becoming distant from your friends, because suddenly no one is good enough for you.

Trying to be special at all costs is pushing things too far and makes everyone else dislike you.

Our advice is to be tolerant. Don't break up with your partner because of unnecessary issues. If you're single, learn to see virtues instead of only flaws.


You've been in the company for a while and you don't feel it's up to par with what you can do.

If you've got enough unemployment money, you could try to go through entry exams and change your lifestyle.

Another chance open for you is to request a leave of absence. You can use that time to allow yourself to explore new passions and concerns, and perhaps rethink your career.

Those unemployed Sagittariuses won't find something common. A one-time opportunity to move on will be brought upon their path by the stars.


Your cough today will be overwhelming. Perhaps it's just a minor cough you shouldn't pay too much attention to. Nothing too serious.

Check it with your doctor because he needs to prescribe you some cough syrup specific to your situation. Try to follow the doctor's orders as closely and strictly as possible; otherwise, you'll take longer than expected to feel better.

This cure also implies that you should have more time to relax on your own. Look after your body, because it can grow tense when you don't give it enough attention and love.

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