Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Simple things will be great for you today. A cup of coffee, a nice stroll, calling your loved ones... You don't have to do much, just let go with people's invitations.

If you have one, your partner will be very attentive, and they'll feel really happy to be by your side. You hear the bells of love ring thanks to your honest love and respect for each other.

You may be neglecting your family because you're too careful with what happens between you and your partner. Even if you can't visit your parents, a phone call will make them glad to find out how you're doing.

If you're single, you have no excuse not to visit a relative you haven't seen in a while.


You'll get little to no retribution for taking care of someone's kids, perhaps those of a close relative.

Sagittariuses, you love kids but you don't feel that well among them. Because you're a big kid yourself!

The good thing is, you can empathise; with your ability to feel innocent you'll have the best ideas for the little ones.

Today is also a great day to do other favours that won't bring you money, but won't take it off of you either, because your numbers are pretty safe.


There's a risk of accident coming by the school doors, so watch out. If you're driving, don't let the phone distract you. There's also a risk of you becoming the victim.

Energies from Aries in dissonance with your sign will create an accident; its seriousness will depend on your awareness of today's actions.

For the rest of the month, danger levels will decline completely.