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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 4th March

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You'll be tested by others who want your place. Your relationship will start to crumble because of a mysterious third wheel.

You notice how someone is hanging around your partner more than just a friend would do. They will deny it, but it's obvious to you and to anyone else you ask about it.

It's still early to lose your mind about it, but you should reassure yourself with determination and self-confidence.

Fight for your partner and let them see how much you care, because you may have been letting yourself go, and it's best if you don't have to learn that nothing lasts forever.


Sagittariuses, you'll be absent-minded today because you're trying to reach a certain goal and you're willing to give it your best shot. The alignment of Mercury with Jupiter, your all-time benefactor, will make it possible. If you're out of work, it will come to you naturally.

Along the way you'll have to learn quite a few things. Don't be surprised, you're trying to succeed at a medium that's different to anything you've ever done before, and that's part of what's keeping you going harder every day.

You've got the determination for it, and now it's no time for distractions. Luck is on your side when you prove you're giving it your all.

Keep going, because your perseverance will make everything turn out the way you want. But don't leave other parts of your life behind out of perfectionism.


You're interested in home remedies, plant-based healing, acupuncture... That's fantastic! Keep developing those hobbies and pastimes that will help you become more sensitive towards your body and nature.

But be careful and don't try to convince other conventional minds with alternative healing processes. There's people who believe that Western medicine is the only right answer in healing illnesses.

Stick to anything that works and makes you happy. But just like everything else, getting obsessed and stating that natural medicine is the only lifesaver may be a terrible and dangerous mistake.