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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for This Coming Sunday, May 6th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Sunday
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If you're parent Sagittariuses, today you should pay close attention to your children, because they need your love and affection more than ever.

As moms and dads you're devoted and passionate, perhaps a little too much. But you're the same as the rest of us: daily duties and occupations have made you and your children grow more distant over time.

But you need to be alert of the signs they will give you. Maybe they're going through heartbreak, not doing well at school or going through a major identity crisis.

They need you more than ever, so get on with it and show them you can be parents and friends, all at the same time.


Today, be careful of where your stuff is, especially if it's cash or credit cards. Today's predictions foresee a distressing situation with the loss of a valuable object.

You might have noticed this happens a lot lately; you forget the most essential of things in the places you'd least expect it.

Your life is so busy that your everyday routine has spiralled out of control, and by the time you know it, your keys, your wallet or your credit card are gone.

Double your efforts to know where your important belongings are at all times, and if something still happens, accept it, be patient and try to solve it.


You live on such a rush, and so overconfident at times, that you can't realise something is changing inside. But when you relax, perhaps that small pain you thought was caused by exhaustion or stress, will become something much more concerning.

Today the stars predict you'll have strong pains on the side of your head, which may end up affecting your eye globe.

If this happens, fear not: it's just a blood pressure issue. If you can't locate the pain or it just grows worse, go see a doctor immediately: your head is a very delicate part of your body.