Full Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for Thursday April 19th

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Mental disagreements aren't as serious as they seem. Thinking the same way can be so overrated! Your partner doesn't have to think exactly the same way as you do.

Full truths find nourishment in differing thoughts. Open your mind and avoid being too square. Fortunately you've got friends with whom you can have intense discussions.

You can also discuss some home truths with your partner, but you'll wear out the emotional side if you aren't tactful enough to lead a polite conversation.

And we all know you're not exactly loving when defending your ideas; in fact it's quite the opposite. That's the centaur's strength.

If the other person isn't willing to step down and you're reading this, this is a sign from the stars for you to take the first step to conciliation. Raise above negativity.


Words can be your doom, and sometimes you talk more than you should, but be careful with your mood and, especially, with meddling in other people's affairs again.

Even if you want to use your meanest language, try not stooping down and just get subtly away from it. Your emotions can't be affected by unworthy individuals.

Don't play their game. Your words and actions can have negative consequences. Perhaps you're meddling into the wrong person's business...

If you're out of work, be careful with excessive honesty. Remember that interviewers will want to listen to specific things.

Everything aside from that makes you less valuable. Use words in moderation.


You'll have to learn how to watch your inner monologues. Telling yourself sweet words is more important than you think.

Your most unconscious side is prone to believe anything you give it.

Sometimes you're too hard on yourself, Sagittariuses. Don't mistake being realistic for becoming your own executioner.

In the end, reality is relative.

Use the right focus to fight back energy negative within. Give your soul some health.

It's your greatest weapon, and perhaps the best hidden secret about your usual positivity. Use your mind and control your emotions!