Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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Today you feel meditative, Sagittariuses. Stars will bring you to reflect on life. Jupiter has that effect on you.

You think that one of your most hateful traits is jealousy. Even if you try to pretend you're open to others, it's there! And it usually doesn't have a reason behind.

But the darkest thing about this is, you don't worry about whether the other person is jealous about your behaviour.

You should admit you talk to friends about your partner to make them jealous, and then, you assume they do the same. These psychological projections take us to misunderstandings that appear from nowhere.

Our advice is, try to think more positively about your partner. You're together because you love one another. From the moment this isn't the case, you should go your separate ways.

You'll manage to trust your partner blindly when you stop flirting "innocently". We're talking about those playful online chats. Deep down you know that's wrong.

Start getting rid of jealousy by being fully aware of what you do. It will always be good to aim for mental calmness.


Work is all we want until we get it. You won't feel like doing much today. Negative thoughts are piling up.

Going beyond your financial needs, stars bring us what we need to evolve as individuals, whether we think so or not.

Why did you end up working here and not somewhere else? Think about it. Perhaps you'll learn how the material world works, or you might meet the love of your life.

Give it time and stay alert for what's going on around you. Extract some life lessons, because this job could be over when it's barely begun. Don't waste this chance.

Learn to appreciate what you've got and focus on being aware of the here and now.


You feel like "being naughty" and not respecting your health habits. Just for once, you can! Give yourself a treat.

Just make sure it doesn't become a habit. That's where the dangers of falling prey to temptation are...