Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The bad luck you've been dragging around for days is leaving, Sagittariuses, and all you'll have left is the foul memory of some heart-wrenching days. Now, think positively: nothing lasts forever, and neither does being single.

Sagittarius who are unlucky in love are in for a treat. Build up an armour made of courage and hope, grab the spear of love and go find the love that makes your heart skip a beat. A nice date in a quiet area will do the rest. Nothing but a promising relationship can come out of that.

It's also a day of great creativity. Your artistic side will come to life, so use your talent to do the activities that make you feel free.


Everything you'd planned regarding finances and investments is coming true. There's good vibrations coming together, and they're making the market and the whims of fortune work in your favour in this situation. It's time to make it more intense and keep fighting for your projects.

But careful, nothing lasts forever. You need to keep balance between the adrenaline of seeing things go well, and the calmness and cold mind you need for business.

Once you've got it, enjoy your income, Sagittariuses, because efforts are reaping some rewards and it's no use if you can't enjoy them at the end of the ride. Give yourselves a break and enjoy.


Today you'll feel mentally active, as if your brain worked faster than usual. This has got many advantages, because you can use time to do many things and carry out your chores efficiently. But of course, you should also avoid that from becoming something bad.

If you let your brain work so fast and restlessly, first of all, you'll soon feel your strength failing, especially if you don't eat healthy. But also, thinking so much could lead to a certain hyperactivity that turns into stress and frustration.

The key is that you should be active both with your brain and body; you need physical activity so that you can do many things and you don't have time to think things through so much.