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Sagittarius Forecast for Thursday 28th June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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The stars point out you'll have a loving relationship with your pets, so today it'll be quite a productive day of mutual affection between you and your puppy, kitten or whichever pet you've got.

Although many people don't understand, for you they're a great source of energy to face your troublesome, worrying daily life. Don't feel embarrassed or anything like that, take any chances you have to spend time with your pets.

It'll be a very special day with friends as well. The friendship line shows a great progression over the next few weeks, so that's a part of your social life on which you can rely when things go wrong.


If you're unemployed Sagittariuses, cheer up, because the stars say there's a very positive flow of energy that will help you find a job. Keep your hopes up and your mind positive, because they're key to attracting luck.

If you find a job that's completely unrelated to your education, don't worry. Sagittariuses are ready for everything, and this job could give you quite a lot of profit in the future.

You just need to be a little patient and give it your best. In fact, getting to this point was the hardest thing to do, so now you just have to keep going and improve.


Perhaps a health issue that had bothered you a while back might show up again. Specifically, the stars point out there's something going on with your soles.

You may have plantar fasciitis, one of the most common pathologies which comes after the swelling of the thick skin on the back of your foot. But careful, there's many more and diverse pathologies out there, and you won't solve this riddle until you visit a foot doctor.

Like most issues in that area, this happened because of bad shoes and excessive load on the foot's sole or long exposure (walking a really long time, for example). So you need to take care of the health of your feet urgently.