Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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For you, Thursday means autopilot. You work, tend to your family and fulfill your quota.

But you're still stuck in the past. Your thoughts keep going back to the days you spent with that person.

Probably your partner's to blame for part of this, because they don't satisfy you, or because you haven't even got a partner. Whatever the case, what's the point of sighing into the air?

Do some motivating hobby to get distracted or meet up with friends to have a nice cup of coffee. It's good to honor your past but don't dwell on it; otherwise you won't be able to make new memories.


After the tremendous effort you've been doing comes a well-deserved break. Take it easier at work today.

Giving your all the entire time has the negative side of looking invincible, which will lead others to forget about your cooldown time.

Don't forget you have to work tomorrow as well. If you don't plan your efforts, you're in for a serious risk of burning out while doing your job.

You should keep continuous efforts through a longer time period, instead of having those energy boosts you torture yourself with.

If you're a housewife, you won't do any good with too much work either; do your chores throughout a few days.



No matter where you go, you feel noise is stepping on your toes. The noises of traffic, music in the streets, children screaming at the school doors... You feel ready for a good dose of silence.

Today silence is a luxury. You'll have to isolate yourself from chaos and noise any way you can. Use ear taps or find shelter in libraries if work allows you to do so, because you'll be sensitive and easily irritable to unpleasant, persistent noise.

If you feel that noise doesn't stop even after isolating yourself, you may be facing Tinnitus, so go to the doctor's office now!