Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You spend the whole day thinking about someone who's extremely attractive to your eyes, but your partner isn't the focus of your hottest thoughts.

Yes, you are allowed to fantasise a little, perhaps with your favourite film star from when you were young. But when you start fantasising with people around you, there's no going back.

If you're at this stage, think deeply about your next move. You've lost the psychological bond to your partner a while ago.

Life is already short enough to settle for bad-quality copies. And it's obvious that your current partner doesn't fill your needs the way you want.

If you're single Sagittariuses with these mental obsessions, you need to focus on one single person; it's the only way you can have a long-time partner at some point.

Still, you could always keep daydreaming.


It's a good time for business and money investments, but they will be short-term or beneficial just for a short while.

There's good predictions for you in this sense, although you shouldn't make too big of a plan. You may be lucky with money but there won't be any life-changing numbers.

If you're on job search, you'll find unsatisfying jobs. You may be hired, but it won't be the job of your dreams, and that's why it won't last long.

Since you're head over heels in love, you'll fall behind at work and spend too much. If that isn't the case, there's a huge money loss coming in anyway. Be careful.


All predictions point to a renovation cycle. This will come because you won't have any somersaults with your health. Stay on the right track.

Your current and most important risk is related to accidents in the home. You might get cut or bump against a piece of furniture out of carelessness.